Coming togetherto help the community

Clarks has a strong history of supporting our employees and our communities. When William Clark stepped up to lead the company in the 1860s, he came from a family that believed deeply in the dignity of all human beings and acted on those beliefs. Whilst developing the commercial side of the business, William remained true to the ideals of his Quaker roots. He invested in the community, looked after his workers and built them homes – many of which still surround the Clarks global headquarters in Street, Somerset, England. The principle of supporting initiatives that enable people to live healthy and fulfilling lives continues at Clarks today through our charitable partnerships and activities.

All our employees globally have the opportunity to propose local charities and good causes to receive support from our cash charitable giving programme. This runs alongside Clarks key charity partnerships and our support for footwear and retail charities, the Two Ten Foundation in the Americas and the Retail Trust in the UK.

Ourcharity partners

Our lead corporate charity, miraclefeet, is a global charity that is making a real difference to the lives of children born with clubfoot. Clubfoot affects one out of every 750 children worldwide, however, 80% of children born with clubfoot in low resource countries have limited or no access to treatment. In developing countries, children living with untreated clubfoot face incredible hurdles including social stigmatisation.

Over the past four years, the Clarks and miraclefeet partnership has flourished and grown enabling miraclefeet’s capacity to responsibly expand to support 120 clubfoot clinics in 13 low resource countries, with over 12,500 children enrolled in treatment in miraclefeet-supported clinics. In addition to donating funds, Clarks has used its shoe-design expertise to work alongside the charity, Stanford University and Suncast to help create a more affordable, comfortable clubfoot brace which has helped miraclefeet to innovate the treatment process.

According to the charity, “The miraclefeet model would not exist without the assistance and partnership from Clarks and the Clarks Foundation. Put simply, as an early supporter of miraclefeet, Clarks has played a role in nearly every single part of our success”.

ShoeSHARE is a fantastic partnership between UNICEF and Clarks in the UK and Ireland, in which you can participate! Drop off your used shoes (any brand as long as paired and wearable) at Clarks stores in the UK and Ireland to raise valuable funds for UNICEF’s educational projects worldwide. Since its start in 2008, ShoeSHARE has raised over one million pounds from the sale and reuse of unwanted shoes, helping to transform the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable children.

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Clarks Americas also has a strong history of charitable giving. This includes support amounting to over $700,000 a year for charitable causes which have included Triangle, a non-profit that helps people with disabilities lead more independent lives, and the Two Ten Footwear Foundation, a charitable foundation offering financial assistance, counselling, community resources and scholarships to those working in the footwear industry.

Clarks Americas also supports the Clarks Companies Foundation, which works with motivated students to help them gain the experience and knowledge they need to reach their dreams by providing access to education in certificate programs and in college and/or university study.

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