Reducing the impactof our operations

From our stores to our offices and warehouses, they all use energy. To reduce our energy footprint, Clarks has programmes to install highly efficient LED lighting, replace inefficient heating and cooling systems and improve insulation.

Globally, we’ve been rolling out our new retail store refit programme which uses 100% LED lights as standard. LED lights require less energy to run, let off less heat and they last a long time. LED lights combined with motion sensors are also being rolled out in our global HQ and central warehouse. The result has been a better working environment for our people and a decrease in Clarks energy use.

Going beyond energy, our main distribution centre warehouse for North America was recognized for its environmentally sound building strategies. Located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the facility was built in compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, resulting in a LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council.

This delivers high levels of environmental performance while also ensuring a healthy work environment for Clarks employees. The new distribution centre has also been designed with universal accessibility in mind to allow for the best possible access for people of all abilities.


x65 American Soccer Fields
115 Acres
465,000 square meters


To minimize mowing and maintenance, flowering meadow mix was planted rather than grass


Over 97% of the trash generated from construction was not sent to a landfill


x2,000 average american homes 32.2 million cubic feet 912,000 cubic meters


The rain harvesting system collects rainwater from the roof, and is reused all throughout the facility, reducing portable water use by 79%


Indoor air quality was optimized with low-emitting materials in paint, flooring and composite materials


x2.26 Airport Runways
7.25 kilometers


High efficiency lighting fixtures have reduced energy consumption by 30%


A combination of using recycled building materials, increasing the amount of open space, and water conservatoin efforts

To quote the Clarks VP of Development at Hanover, "we're doing a bunch of things from an environment and sustainability perspective". Covering over 455,000 square feet, the warehouse incorporates large expanses of glass to maximise natural lighting, a rainwater collection system that channels water from the roof for use in toilets and much of the parking and driving areas have pervious concrete that reduces runoff and helps groundwater recharge.

Meanwhile, our new Americas HQ achieved a LEED Gold rating. Based on the former Polaroid headquarters, the Clarks building uses over 95% of the previous structure, re-using materials where possible to reduce energy impact and save waste going to landfill. A low carbon footprint was also achieved via installing energy efficient lighting, heating and air ventilation, with the crowning glory provided by the installation of solar panels on a substantial part of the roof area - designed to generate over 13% of the building’s anticipated annual energy use.

Clarks UK has worked hard together with Veolia to improve levels of recycling in store and is proud that our UK stores have achieved a recycling rate of over 90%. This is a great improvement as back in 2012, just 40% of our waste from UK stores was diverted from landfill. How have we achieved this? Through ensuring that the majority of our shoe packaging is made from easily recyclable materials, implementing a new waste management contract and providing training and support for our people in store. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, 99.6% of Clarks UK store waste collected by Veolia was diverted from landfill in 2017; 90.2% was recycled and 9.4% turned into energy.

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