In 1903, Alice Clark was appointed a life director of C&J Clarks. At that time, Britain was a country in which women were not yet allowed to vote, let alone manage a large and profitable global business. So how did Clarks come to have Alice on the board when, for the vast majority of women, the glass ceiling was still in the basement? The answer is that Alice Clark was no ordinary woman and the Clarks were no ordinary family. Clarks remains a family-owned company. This continues to have an influence on our ethics. Acting with integrity and caring about the people that we work with remain our top priorities.

Our Code of Business Ethics provides guidance on the ethical standards that we expect employees to demonstrate. It’s important that we all have a shared understanding of what it means to work at Clarks, our values, and what all the different people that we come into contact with – from consumers to business partners – can expect of us. The Code supports all employees in demonstrating our commitment to integrity and making decisions that are in line with our values and principles.

Our employees help us to be the world's number one in everyday footwear. We want each and every person who works here to be motivated, take pride in their work and be recognised for their contribution. To understand what we do well and what we can improve on, Clarks conducts a regular ‘Our People Survey’ in which all our employees across the world can participate - and thankfully over 75% do.

If there’s a specific problem which an employee feels uncomfortable raising or feels hasn’t been dealt with adequately, Clarks provides a ‘Speak Up’ call line which is answered by an independent third party. Contact details for the Speak Up line are promoted throughout our stores, offices, warehouses and other workplaces.

For further information on any aspect of our Corporate Responsibility programme, please contact: